Immortal Fire trilogy

Immortal fire Mock up The Immortal Fire Series

1. Eighteen Summers

2. Severina

3. Rising Bloodtide

The three books in the series are written around different main characters, but all closely linked. Each could be read as a standalone, but it will make more sense to read the series as you will be missing some important prior detail otherwise.

The books are set in the modern day and are all vampire romance, primarily, but with an undercurrent of menace and mystery. Plus a touch of humor here and there to lighten the dark side of the subject. I ought to point out that they are all quite erotic in places and some of it is fairly graphic and a little bit unpleasant too. Soooo… if you don’t like to read about vampire sex and violence… you have been warned, there’s a fair bit in this series!

For adult readers only (18+)

The books are available at Amazon, B&N and in the iBook store just go to the store of your choice and type in Holly Reger Immortal Fire series.

immortalThere is also a box set of the series which is available at a special offer discount.

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Savior – Holly Reger

savior holly regerHere’s a little blurb about my free novella, Savior.

Casper was always late… for everything.

He was already late for the Writers Charity Event and not in the best ‘books’ with his publisher.

The last thing Casper needed was a delay.

So he took the short cut through the forest.

But of course, disaster struck.

He had an accident.

A young woman ran from the woods in a state of distress… and he couldn’t stop… and what happened after that was strange beyond belief.




Night Angels

night_kindle holly regerNIGHT ANGELS

Werewolf Erotic Romance

Kyle, the twin without…

Until a chance meeting in a wood sets off a chain of events that throw him out of his comfort zone.
The easy rhythm of his titled life is lost forever as he discovers a new world and a very new him.
An animal version. It shocks and arouses him in equal measure.
And her… the one who did this to him… he is drawn inexplicably…
He will be tested and pushed to his limits and beyond…
Beware! Passionate werewolves and strong language…

Adult material 18+