Holly RegerI’m from the UK and a die hard paranormal lover. Reading… movies… TV series…whatever…

Throw in a little romance and I’m totally GONE.  In heaven…

I’ve been writing for a few years now and am still on the proverbial writers learning curve (do we ever get off that damn curve?)

I am a perfectionist at heart but at the same time highly creative. It takes some doing to let go and just write, and let it flow without going back over it again and again for obvious flaws. But I somehow manage it for short periods of time, enough to get the job done to my standards.

I love to interract with readers so go leave me a comment here on  the contact page, or on any post you want to comment on, or head over to Facebook using the FB icon at the top of my website and mingle with me there.

Girl’s and guys and real vampires welcome 🙂